Functional green projects
Biodiversity area Roosendaal Ecological masterplan for future buildingsite 450 ha2010
Technical designs Air quality structures infra Antwerp, Leuven, Maastricht etc 2010-2013
Infra projectDesigning sustainable highways with constructor 48 million project 2012
Climate proof city districs Main Hall district Sittard-Geleen 2012
Main Hall garden Deventer2011
Rainwater riviers Workshops citizen groups of Tilburg2014 2015
City district area several works Tilburg2009, 2012, 2015
Climate proof policy (offer) Tilburg2015
Design projects
DesignsAntoni van Leeuwenhoek /NKI Amsterdam cancerhospital and cancer institute2014
De Meern Real estate, office centre public and private area 2014
Accolade Zeist garden of retirement homes2014-2015
Deventer City Hall garden, program of requirements for design 2012
Sloterdijk, Real estate area, greening and wind shelter Amsterdam NL2015
International projects
City greeningFunctional green Antwerp Belgium2014
Infrastructure and ecological design, Singels Antwerp Belgium (offer)2012
DesignsGreening real estate Brussels Belgium 2015
Rail corridor project Singapore city with Zus 2015
Shenyang China, Hunan district, greening area details for 500.000 inhabitants 2011
Shanghai World Expo Garden air quality advise with Niek Roosen 2010
EU Border region project Functional greening (writer and projectmanager)
EUR 1.7 million 12 cities Belgium and The Netherlands2008-2013
EU Borderregion project Greening cities
EUR 0,5 million Duisburg (Ge) Nijmegen Nl2006-2007